How to Survive the Road-Trip Fast Food Gauntlet

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I’ve just returned from a lovely two-week vacation during which, I road-tripped around the great state of Victoria, into New South Wales and back again. Road tripping is a great way to travel, a fantastic way to explore the fair shores of the country you are living in or visiting. The rest stops are few and far-between and those golden arches become a become a beacon of hope for a clean toilet and a much required bathroom break. It occurred to me along the way, that not only was fast food a major option for hungry travellers, it was indeed the only option for road trippers along the highway.

Here are my top tips for surviving the road trip fast food gauntlet without jeopardising your diet or your waistline, helping you arrive fresh at your destination.

1. Be prepared: If you’re going on a long road trip, pack an esky with healthy snacks. My favourites are: apples, grapes, cherries or any kind of fruit, corn thins with natural peanut butter, raw or dry roasted almonds, carrot/celery sticks and hummus, popcorn and baby roma tomatoes.

2. Take lots of water – and drink it. It’s important to stay hydrated on long trips. Staying hydrated helps combat overheating and fatigue, important when you’re logging long hours on the highway. If you have to stop for more bathroom breaks so be it, this is also another way to combat driver fatigue.

3. Avoid wheat and dairy – these bloat you, especially when you’re sitting for extended periods of time. Stick to fresh foods like fruit and veggies and easily digestible proteins, like nuts and hummus. Need coffee? Choose the long black or espresso option.

4. Go for grilled – if you have nothing else to eat – choose the grilled option, like a grilled chicken wrap- remove the bread and pair with an apple, or choose the grilled salad option without dressing. The bacon and egg muffin is also OK- you can’t really screw up bacon and eggs- just skip the muffin.

These tips should help you stay on track on your next road trip. For more amazing lifestyle tips sign up to the Lithe Fit and Toned Nutrition Program here:


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