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Special Valentines Day Treats!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Today I’m bringing you some special Lithe Fit and Toned Approved Treats especially for you! Today is a day to celebrate YOU! Read how to celebrate YOURSELF and LOVE YOURSELF here. The special Valentines Day treats are: 1. Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – These are a naughty but nice treat for […]

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What Sex and the City Taught Us About Loving Ourselves

Happy Valentines Day Lithe Fit and Toners! This is a day in the calendar that has so much pressure attached to it. So THIS Valentines Day, whether you’re flying solo or have a date with someone special, I want YOU to LOVE YOURSELF. We all seek love and approval, it’s only human. However the fact […]

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The Key to Fat Burning

Hello Lithe Fit and Toners! Happy Valentines week! It’s Day 2 of the Valentines Week 400 by V-day Burpee Challenge to look cute in your suit by V-day and I wanted to check in to see how you are going. I’ve uploaded a video, to show you how to do a burpee, you can watch […]

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This Week’s Challenge: 400 Burpees by Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Week everyone! Whether you have a special date on V-day or flying solo, this is your week to show yourself some BodyLove and look cute in your suit for V-day! Your Valentines Week Challenge is to complete 400 burpees by Valentines Day! You CAN Do THIS!!┬áThat’s 100 burpees per day. You can complete […]

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Like Pancakes? You’ll LOVE This Recipe

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’ve had a fit and fabulous week. It’s one week until Valentines Day, so it’s time to really kick your health and fitness into gear so that you feel fit and fabulous for the gorgeous outfit you’ll wear on V Day. Whether you’ve got a date with someone you love or […]

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Beating the Blues

Everyone has blue days. I know I do. In an age of social media where people only post the happiest moments of their lives, it can seem like blue days are limited to you alone. Blue days happen to regular people all the time. It does not mean you are depressed, it just can be […]

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