This Week’s Challenge: 400 Burpees by Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentines Week everyone! Whether you have a special date on V-day or flying solo, this is your week to show yourself some BodyLove and look cute in your suit for V-day!

Your Valentines Week Challenge is to complete 400 burpees by Valentines Day! You CAN Do THIS!!┬áThat’s 100 burpees per day. You can complete your burpees in one hit or stagger them throughout the day- for instance if you work at a desk, take a break and jump up and complete 10 burpees every 30 minutes. You can even get your colleagues involved.

Once you have completed your burpees for the day, I want YOU to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram, @lithefittoned, #LiFTbodylove #LiFT400byVday. Make sure you include your burpee count for the day! I can’t wait to see all of your pictures.

I have chosen the burpee because it is a plyometric exercise. Plyometrics are jumping exercises that include concentric, eccentric and isometric muscle contractions. Burpees shape and sculpt your body by working every muscle group in your body at some point during the move as well as spiking your heart rate for a great cardio boost. That’s something worth getting your heart a flutter.

Once you’ve done your burpees for the day, give your body the nutrition boost you need to replenish your muscles with a recipe from the Lithe Fit and Toned Nutrition and Lifestyle Program. Take advantage of the Special Valentines day SALE and START CHANGING YOUR BODY TODAY.


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