The Key to Fat Burning

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Hello Lithe Fit and Toners! Happy Valentines week! It’s Day 2 of the Valentines Week 400 by V-day Burpee Challenge to look cute in your suit by V-day and I wanted to check in to see how you are going. I’ve uploaded a video, to show you how to do a burpee, you can watch it here.

Don’t forget to post your progress pics on Instagram and Twitter #LiFT400byVday and #LiFTbodylove. I can’t ¬†wait to see all of your Pics! You’ve got this!


I also want to share with you some special information that will help get you and keep you Lithe Fit and Toned! Here at Lithe Fit and Toned I am all about creating a sustainable lifestyle to help get you lean and stay lean for life – without expensive gym memberships, weird diets and spending hours exercising. It’s all about eating the right foods at the right times and workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime, that fit into our already hectic schedules.

That’s what the Burpee Challenge is all about. New research shows that you only need minutes, not hours of exercise to burn fat. In fact, short bursts of high intensity heart-rate spiking exercise bursts such as a set of 10-20 burpees, skipping rope or interval training, are excellent at reducing visceral fat (the bad fat that collects around our organs, otherwise know as a muffin top, and causes all sorts of health problems- from diabetes to heart disease). High intensity bursts of exercise have the added advantage of increasing your metabolism, aiding fat burning, increase your lean muscle mass and reducing your appetite.

While I still advocate cardiovascular exercise, like a 30-40 minute walk/run/cycle, as part of your daily routine, including intense bursts in your day will help get you fitter, faster and keep the weight off for the long term, especially if you are time poor.

That’s what the Valentines week Burpee Challenge is all about- including short bursts of intense physical exercise throughout your day- like a set of 10 burpees every 45 minutes. Get your friends at work involved, especially if you sit at a desk for work. Check out the video in this post – how to do a burpee, and get involved with the challenge- you never know, you might surprise yourself.

Other ways to keep fat at bay is to support your physical exercise program with the Lithe Fit and Toned Nutrition Plan, on Sale This week for Valentines day so you can look cute in your suit for Valentines Day and beyond.


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