Practicing Gratitude

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Hello Lithe Fit and Toned People! Today I want to talk about Gratitude and it’s inextricable link with your happiness and well being. In our busy and consumer-driven lives it is easy to focus all of the things we don’t have and forget the things that we do have. This can lead to negative feelings permeating your existence, including feelings of failure and inability to achieve the things we want. Cultivating gratitude in your everyday existence can lead to feelings of increased happiness, well being and pleasure in your life.

I want you to practice gratitude daily by doing the following:

-Keep a gratitude journal – This is a place to reflect on your achievements for the day. Take time at the end of each day to write down something you are grateful for, however big or small, for that day. Journaling is an excellent tool to reflect on your journey through life, and when trying to lose weight. I talk more about the importance of keeping a journal in the Nutrition and Lifestyle Program.

-Take time to smell the roses – Don’t go through your life on autopilot, take time to observe your world throughout your daily routine. Take a different route to work, take a walk through the gardens on your lunch hour and smell the flowers, or do some people watching. Being observant of the little things is what makes life brilliant.

-Show yourself some body love – Be grateful for the body you have and the positive things it can do for you. Thinking negative thoughts about your body will only hinder your weight loss and body sculpting journey. How will you get your body to do the things you want if you only think negative thoughts about it? Schedule in your exercise, try this 15 minute workout, feed yourself nutrient rich foods and sign up for the Lithe Fit and Toned Nutrition and Lifestyle Program so I can help you love your body everyday.

-Show kindness to someone you care about – Make sure you tell the people you care about how much you love and appreciate their presence in your life. Turn off the TV and spend some time with your partner or family or friends discussing your day, what you have learned and achieved for that day- no matter how big or small.

When you become grateful for small pleasures, you will find that your attitude changes and your world opens up to a plethora of opportunities all around you.

Not a member of the Lithe Fit and Toned Nutrition and Lifestyle Program? Sign up today, and Start living the Lithe Fit and Toned happy and healthy lifestyle – with all the support, guidance and tools to lose weight and keep it off for life!

Love Your Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Rebekah xo

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