How I Use Fit Tech to Stoke the Fire of Motivation

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In our fast, hectic and information saturated lives it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise, let alone the technology to help us get there. The best technology to use as a motivational tool are simple devices we have to to have with us 24/7. For me this is my smartphone, pedometer, and social media. Here’s how I use my devices to motivate my healthy lifestyle.


I Get Appy:

1. Map my run App: This is an ingenious little app that records everything from food stats to kilometres exercised. I put the workout timer on whenever I workout outdoors and love knowing how far I have traveled, how fast and the amount of hours I have worked out per week. I once turned it on whilst Christmas shopping and discovered I had walked 13kilometres! The app is also sponsored by a number of companies including Under Amour, and always has little monthly challenges you can enter, with the chance to win prizes. I find just entering the challenges keeps me on track and the weekly email detailing my stats is fabulous to keep track of my output.


2. Target weight App: I’m a big believer in keeping track of your weight by weighing in once a week. This technique is great for maintaining or losing weight, whatever your goal. With target weight you can enter your goal weight and how many weeks you want to take to reach your goal. The app charts your weight and puts a little reminder on the outside of the app, for instance 5, to remind you of how many kilos/pounds left to lose keeping you on track to achieve your goal.


I Get Social:

1. The Lithe Fit and Toned Online community: The reason behind why I created the Lithe Fit and Toned blog, ebook and social media was to establish an online community to motivate people to achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals. The Lithe Fit and Toned Community is comprised of The blog, the ebook (the centre of the community), Social Media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Buy the ebook today here and follow me on social media to start achieving your health and fitness goals. Seeing my community achieving their health and fitness goals, inspires me to maintain my optimum level of fitness and well being.


2. YouTube: You don’t need a gym or a bunch of workout gear to get an amazing workout! Lithe Fit and Toned has a fabulous YouTube Channel with full length follow along workouts. I love popping one of my videos on and getting a heart pumping toning workout in my lounge room. Subscribe here to get all of the fun, toning workouts.


I Get It On:

Wearable devices are becoming high tech and very popular, but you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to get something equally effective. My Pedometer is something I put on everyday, like my watch, and set a simple goal of ten thousand steps. The Pedometer helps me keep track of my incidental exercise, and in our reasonable sedentary lives you’d be surprised how little incidental exercise we do, motivating me to keep active in between organised activity. Some health companies, like Oscar, providing NY and NJ health insurance, are jumping on board the health and fitness tech bandwagon with wearable incentive programs.  Oscar Insurance partners with Misfit wearables, providing each member with their own free Misfit Band. Oscar motivates members and promotes member well being by offering members a chance to reduce insurance premiums by earning $1 a day every time a member meets their daily goal. Amazon gift cards are also awarded as incentives.


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